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Worldwide Resellers

Magma sells its products through a worldwide network of outstanding dealers and resellers. Purchase your Magma product today by finding the reseller closest to you and contacting them for pricing and availability. If you have product or sales questions about any Magma product, our resellers will be available to answer them.


To use this search page, simply find your country in the "Select Country" dropdown and the click Apply. If searching in the U.S. for a specific state, first select United States as your country then choose your state using the "Select State" filter. If there are no resellers in a particular state, then certified nationwide resellers will be displayed.  


NOTE: To further refine your search, you can use the Product Filter below to look for only certain types of products: Basic PCI Express, Classic PCI, Smart PCI Express or Thunderbolt.





Unable to Find a Reseller?

Products Offered:
Basic PCI Express, Classic PCI, Smart PCI Express, Thunderbolt

If you cannot find a reseller in your country please visit Magma's online store or search for other resellers in your region.

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Our Clients


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