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Bulletins and EOL (End-of-Life) Notices

End-of-Life (EOL) of ExpressBox 1
February 26, 2015


Technical Bulletin: ROBEN-3TM
November 17, 2014


Technical Bulletin: ROBEN-3TX & ROBEN-3PX2 configurable 5.25” bays
February 25, 2014


Technical Bulletin: ROBEN-3 Card Interference
January 06, 2014


End-of-Life (EOL) of ExpressBox 7
December 27, 2013


End-of-Life (EOL) of ExpressBox 4 (2U)
December 27, 2013


End-of-Life (EOL) of PCIe (x8) Gen 1 Host Card for Desktop (01-04978-01)
December 27, 2013


End-of-Life (EOL) of ExpressBox 2 PCI Express Expansion
May 30, 2013


End-of-Life (EOL) of 2 & 4 Slot PCI Expansion
November 30, 2012


P13RR-TEL transition to P13RR-RAS
November 10, 2010


End-of-Life (EOL) of 64-bit/33Mhz 7 Slot (P7R64) and Low-Profile PCI host card option (PCIHIF64LP)
March, 2008


Ultra Quiet 500W to replace all 400W power supplies
November, 2008


End-of-Life (EOL) of 66MHz 7 Slot (Stargen)
November 18, 2008


End-of-Life (EOL) of original Magma 3 Slot Non-Enclosed Board Set
December 16, 2005


End-of-Life (EOL) of their PCI Serial Adapters
May 5, 2005


Release of PLX CardBus for Pro Tools Products
March 21, 2005


End-of-Life (EOL) of Magma SBus connectivity product line
July 26, 2004


MAGMA Allin1 Driver for Solaris 9 Sparc SBus. The driver for Solaris 9 on Sbus machines was released and posted to the website this morning. When installing a new MAGMA driver, be sure that you perform the 'pkgrm' of the old driver and that you remove (rm -r) the MAGMAsp (or MAGMApci) folder from /var/spool/pkg before you extract the new driver from the tar file. Failure to do so may cause you to load some files from the old driver and give you false messages. Oct 9, 2003


CB04 Cardbus Drivers and Solaris 9 for Sparc PCI driver posted to the website. The latest driver for the Cardbus Expansion systems (PC's) has been posted to the 'Utilities and Cardbus' page. The Solaris 9 driver for PCI has been posted to the Sun PCI Driver page. Both are live as of today. The Solaris 9 driver for Sbus is currently under test and looking good. We hope to be able to post it, as well as get the new CB04 CDROM master and into Production's hands for inclusion within the next couple weeks. The files 'Windows Cardsbus Driver Install' and 'PCCDROM.ZIP' have both been updated to contain the latest driver version. Sept 26, 2003


CB04A Cardbus Drivers and Utilities CDROM Due out in August. This CDROM is a significant change from the previous MAGMA CDROM disks. It will have a brand new Windows Cardbus Driver on it for the standard 33Mhz products, but also the driver needed for Windows for the New 64bit/66Mhz system. We will also be incorporating drivers and utilities for other MAGMA products onto a single CDROM to better insure that the latest drivers available for all MAGMA products go out with every new device. This includes our serial products for Sun Microsystems computers, PCI and Sbus versions. This CDROM will have the drivers for SUN's new Solaris 9 operating system. July 15, 2003


CB03A Cardbus Drivers and Utilities CDROM released. Major changes in this driver affect Windows XP systems. As always, if the driver you have works, don't change it. If you are running under Windows XP and you are having problems, then try this new driver. If it does not resolve your problem, contact Customer Support. Be sure to uninstall the old driver before you install this driver. June 28, 2002


Apple Releases Fix for ATTO Cards on G4 Titaniums: Apple Officially released, unrestricted, a fix that has been long awaited by users of Digidesign ProTools on the Apple G4 Titanium Power Book. We just received it today and have immediately pressed it into test on ProTools and other Applications that were affected by the problem. Please contact our Support Department for information and to receive a copy of the extension as soon as we have had the chance to test it with all the known affected Applications. This patch should be applied to all 550-667 and 667-800 G4 PowerBooks. See the MAC Cardbus FAQ for more! June 19, 2002


ProTools HD Compatibility Information: With testing with our Digidesign ProTools HD2 system still on going, the first round of information has been added to the PCI Expansion Chassis FAQ, including information on what chassis we have tested with and the results of that testing. June 19, 2002


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