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2 Slot PCI Expansion

Laptop can’t keep up?
2 Slot PCI Expansion
Host Cards
2 Slot PCI Expansion - Open
1-Meter PCI Expansion Cable
2 Slot PCI Expansion - Rear View
2 Slot PCI Expansion
Host Cards
2 Slot PCI Expansion - Open
1-Meter PCI Expansion Cable
2 Slot PCI Expansion - Rear View

Can’t get the special functionality you need in a laptop? Laptop need a portable RAID system? Need to upgrade your server or desktop computer? Don’t want to lose your investment in pricey PCI cards that don’t fit the new computer?


If you answer “YES” to any of these questions, the Magma 2 Slot PCI Expansion System is your answer. You can install practically any PCI card into the Magma PCI Expansion System and connect it to your new or old computer. The enclosure is a similar footprint to most laptop computers for ideal placement under your computer.


Prolong Your Investment
The Magma 2 Slot PCI Expansion System allows you to plug-in up to two (2) full-sized power-demanding PCI cards and up to two (2) 3.5” hard drives in the chassis. How else can you add so much power to a small form-factor desktop, or your brand-new laptop?


Save Time, Money and Trouble
Use your high-end PCI cards and vital data wherever you are – without the expense of “buying duplicate cards” or “packing them along in your briefcase” to install in another computer upon arrive. Simply add your PCI cards, and possibly a hard drive or two, to the Magma expansion chassis and then connect the chassis to any host computer (laptop or desktop) using one of a variety of Magma host cards. Yes, even your laptop!


The use of computer specific host cards makes using your unique PCI card as simple as “Plug & Play” because all you need to do is to connect the Magma PCI Expansion System to the host card for your computer and turn it on. Use the same PCI card on your laptop as you do on your desktop or server – just add a Magma host card and connect the cable.


Familiarity Breeds Success
Setting up your PCI card in a portable chassis provides you an opportunity to use a consistent hardware configuration – regardless of what type of computer is available. Being able to “hit the ground running” is vital to every successful venture. Being able to use “the same PCI card,” regardless of location also reduces project risks.


Host cards are available for the following systems: (1) Laptop: CardBus, ExpressCard/34, or ExpressCard/54 and (2) Desktop/Server: 32-Bit PCI, or x1 PCI Express.



  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • PCI and PCI Express host card provides easy connection to desktop computers and servers
  • CardBus and ExpressCard Modules provide connection to your favorite laptop computer
  • Includes 1-meter expansion cable
  • 2 slot PCI Backplane
  • Supports full length or shorter universal and legacy 5 volt only PCI cards
  • Backplanes are available for 5 volt only and universal cards or 3.3 volt only cards
  • Easily place laptop on top of 15" table-top enclosure
  • Drive bays for two 3.5" hard disk drives
  • Dedicated cooling and power for PCI cards
  • Includes a third-fully functioning non-standard PCI slot
  • CE certified and FCC Class A verified
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Increase the number of PCI slots without replacing your computer
  • Attach full-height PCI cards to computers with low-profile slots or PCI Express slots
  • The only solution for adding multiple PCI cards to mobile computers
  • Multiple expansion systems can be connected to a single computer
  • Offers a consistent PCI configuration allowing easy host computer upgrades
  • Patented technology provides low latency and high through-put
  • Proven Method to increase PCI capability without losing performance
  • Non-enclosed board sets are available for OEMs and System Integrators to utilize their own enclosure


Multiple host interface cards provide easy connection to practically any computer


Desktop and Laptop Connections

CB264 2 Slot PCI Expansion System with CardBus (PCMCIA) card (universal slots)
CB264-3.3 2 Slot PCI Expansion System with CardBus (PCMCIA) card (3.3 volt only slots)

2 PCI slots (64-bit/33MHz)
PCI Local Bus Specification: Revision 2.2
PCI Bridge Architecture Specification: Revision 1.2


1-meter PCI expansion cable
Optional 1.5-meter length

Interconnect Bandwidth 255 MB/sec (Theoretical Max. of PCI 64/33)
Black (Steel/Aluminum)  
10"W x 2.570"H x 15.144"D  
5.3lbs or 2.40 kg  
Class A FCC Emissions  
System Cooling  
Two 13.2 CFM fans  
One fan in power supply  
Host Connections and Power Consumption
Universal PCI 32/33 0.63W max; 5V @ 0.125A
Low Profile PCI (64/33) 0.86W max; 3.3V @ 0.25A
x1 PCI Express® 0.69W max; 3.3V @ 0.21A
CardBus (PCMCIA) 0.42W max; 3.3V @ 0.125A
ExpressCard 0.81W max; 3.3V @ 0.21A; 1.5V @ 0.08A
Hard Drive Support  
Drive bays for two 3.5” internal drives  
Chassis Power Supply  
Power Supply: 200W
AC Active PFC
AC Input 100 – 240VAC+/-10%
Input Frequency 50-60 Hz, Range 47-63 Hz
DC Output 200W Max

+3.3V 17.0A*
+5V 13.0A maximum*
+12V 15.0A maximum
-12V 0.3A maximum
+5Vsb 2.0 maximum

*Combined wattage rating of +3.3V and +5.0V should not exceed 80 watts.
Ambient Temperature 0º to 50º C
Storage Temperature -20º to 60º C
Relative Humidity 5% to 85% non-condensing
100,000 hours
Regulatory Compliance  
FCC Class A Verified
CE Certified
Supported Operating Systems  
Money back guarantee
1 year return to factory
Package Contents  





2 Slot - Top View
1. 2 slot PCI backplane
2. Cooling fan
3. Drive bay
4. Power supply







Hardware Included
5. Expansion cable
6. Host interface cards





2 Slot - Rear View
1. 90W power supply
2. Expansion cable connection
3. PCI card slot openings

2 Slot PCI Expansion - Top View

2 Slot PCI Expansion - Hardware

2 Slot PCI Expansion - Rear View


Is the power supply auto switching?

Yes, all Magma power supplies are auto switching.


Is it Pro Tools compatible?

Yes, this unit does work with Pro Tools systems.


What is the latest version of Pro Tools that will work with it?

The most current version of Pro Tools is compatible with the 2 Slot PCI expansion chassis.


Do I need drivers?

No drivers are necessary for this unit.


What is the difference between 3.3v and 5v?

The 5v version supports 5V PCI cards, the 3.3V version supports 3.3V PCI cards.


Can I use the third slot?

In some cases. Please consult Magma Tech Support beforehand.

"We have had great success using both Magma's 1 and 2 slot PCI expansion chassis', with a Sager notebook and Lynx Studio sound cards. We really like the ability to add 2 hard drives for storage in the 2 slot chassis. All have been rock-solid and have been used with both PCI and ExpressCard interface notebook computers, thus enjoying a long useful life over several computer updates. We are extremely happy with the Magma-Lynx-Sager configuration."
- Harold Blumberg, Owner / Lynx Application, Blumberg Sound Design
"Magma saved our school over $35,000 by giving us the flexibility to use current Pro Tools software with PCIx HD Core and Accel cards. Our instructors can train students with the newest Pro Tools software while still using older hardware. The Magma chassis allows us to utilize our initial investment in Pro Tools HD hardware as long as we possibly can while we plan to upgrade the Digi hardware at some point in the future."
- Mark Kirchner, Chief Academic Officer, Studio West
"The MAGMA 2 Slot has proved an invaluable tool in its portability and ability to take projects with you. Running a Digi 001 system on a 9.0 OS, we were able to take our drives with us and do comps and edits in the comfort of our hotel room or home. It allowed us to accomplish these tasks without setting up our Mix+ system where we were. What a beautiful alternative. The time we saved by working remotely paid us back generously. The next project entails portable Mix+ carry-on thanks to our friends at Apple with the introduction on OS 9.1."
Derek Phelps, Aerosmith/The Black Crowes Recording Tech. – 30 March 2001

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